What is Jugl

The first Coin, with which one makes at least safe 15 % profit.

The first Coin, with which one makes at least safe 15 % profit.

If you keep the coins on your wallet for a certain period of time, you have the option of having your investment paid back at the end of the term.

It is possible to place your volume on theResearch papers have to be based on evidence as opposed to opinion. Always keep in mind that they will not write themselves. Our research papers can beat all of the research paper help providing services in the planet in conditions of quality.

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write my essay marketplace in the event of a falling price or a rising price. During this term you have the possibility to place your bonus, which is between 5 and 15 percent depending on the term, at any time from a sum of 5000 jugls on the marketplace, where 1 jugl = 0.01 euros. Or sometimes this can be paid off, depending on the phase of the ICO.

There is another option to this option. Besides fixed-term coins, you can also buy free tokens, which are also available at a discounted price until the start of the ICO. This price increases with each pre-sale phase.

How is this possible?

The first token with up to 45 percent profit!

What’s the catch?
Jugl is based on the network ethos and we share our winnings. With the purchase of JuglCoins you automatically become part of our community and give 40 percent of your winnings to the network as a basic member or 30 percent as a premium member. So you still have 15 percent of your winnings! Find out more here.


To counter price fluctuations, after some time the coin is switched from a decentralized system to a centralized system.

Fast and inexpensive transactions

 Thanks to a new technology and the cooperation with Jugl.net, we can enable the transaction speed almost in real time.


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